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Search Engine Promotion Process

The process begins with keyword--or search term--selection. Choosing the proper search terms is probably THE most important aspect of effective web promotion. Each promotion package we offer provides professional keyword research. Once you give us a list of the search terms you feel you want to promote, we go to work researching those terms on the basis of effectiveness and active use on the search engines. We will also find additional search terms actively being searched related to your site. More times than not, we come up with an extensive list of potent and effective terms you didn't even know were being searched! Wow, more search terms to drive traffic to your site!

Once research is complete, we submit the full list to you for final approval. This allows you remove any terms you feel are not relevant, or not worth promoting all together. With a little research you have a list of the most effective and appropriate keywords to begin bringing web searchers to your site!

Once the keywords are selected we immediately run an initial report to see where you currently are listed on the top search engines. Only brand new listings or those that have dramatically improved will be considered in going toward the fulfillment of your promotion package.

With that finished, we then get to work on the site optimization recommendations. These recommendations are based on our vast knowledge and experience of current search engine trends. We generally provide new Title, Keyword, and Description tags for you to approve and add to your site, along with any other recommendations that will help you make your pages more search engine friendly. This goes to maximize long term search engine placement. Remember, due to your own site's security, we do not implement these recommendations ourselves, however we submit them to you and allow you to adjust and implement as you feel necessary.

As soon as the recommendations have been implemented and as you are ready for us to proceed, we then begin building targeted search pages for your keywords. These pages are specifically targeted for prominent search engine placement utilizing our tools and vast knowledge of the major engines. Of course, we don't build a targeted search page for every keyword you are promoting, but we create as many as is necessary to fulfill the guaranteed top search engine rankings that you purchased with your promotion package.

At this point we begin the submission and monitoring process. Each week we will upload new reports that allow you to track the progress of our work and watch your rankings increase week after week. We also monitor your site's ranking progress and resubmit, adjust pages, and create new targeted search pages when necessary.

New rankings begin to appear as early as 1 week, however due to the fact that many search engines take 3 to 12 weeks to index new pages, it may take a month or more. Either way, we will upload fresh reports of your current rankings on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Along with the weekly reports we will also provide what we call an 'Investment Report'. The Investment Report will help you track your invested dollars and the number of rankings you have achieved.

Ranking Maintenance Option

Once all of your guaranteed top listings have been achieved, you have the option of paying nothing more and letting your promotion account expire, or you can allow us to maintain your newfound top rankings for a small maintenance fee. By providing maintenance, we continue to monitor your site needs, create new targeted search pages, and submit pages as necessary, all to keep the rankings you have and work to generate new rankings each month.

Why Maintain?
If not actively maintained, all top rankings eventually drop. In reality all rankings are on a perpetual downward trend due to any number of factors: Search engines changing their ranking algorithms, competition for top rankings, new pages being indexed, or even search engines cleaning out their indexes all together.

Any and all of these things lead to a drop in top rankings. This might take as little as few weeks or as long as a few months, but eventually they will drop. Purchasing monthly maintenance allows you to keep your top rankings at a minimal price.







About Us

Over one million installations of all-in-one search engine submission software since 1995.

Hundreds of clients use our top 20 ranking guaranteed services and search engine submission SEO online service.

My average "hits" per month prior to using your search engine optimization and placement service were about 60-80,000. Now I'm getting that many "hits" per week... I'd say a good overall investment.
--Mark, Netwell Noise Control

It is a valuable and easy to use tool that helps the process of instantly submitting your web site to over 800,000 engines.
--ZDNET TOP Award Winner

Thanks so much for the great help from your technical support department. You are real experienced guys on SE top 20 ranking area.
--webwatch Inc.
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All-in-One Submission Tool is designed and used by top search engine ranking experts. It's the most powerful, complete and easy to use web site submission software which supports your url submission to over 800,000 engines and helps webmaster to drive traffic for free. It's the best url submit software for top 10 and top 20 search engine positioning.
All-in-One Submission has been awarded the highest honors. It is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8. is a premier search engine submission and web site optimization company. We provide cutting-edge techniques to help company achieve guaranteed top 10, top 20 website ranking and build targeted web traffic.
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