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Web Hosting Tips

Building your own website is exciting! But you have to consider the following factors carefully before choosing a hosting provider if you want to avoid moving your website from one host to another in the future

About free hosting service

For online businesses, you'd better not use free hosting service. Just imagine if you are a customer who want to buy a product online, when you find the online site is a free one like Geocities, what do you feel? I'm sure you will not want to buy it, because you know there is no guarantee, no quality, no security and there is probably only one person sitting and fishing behind the business.

Reliability, Redundancy and Speed should be your major concern

Backbone: the Internet is made up of many "backbone" networks that exchange data with each other very efficiently. But your host might not connect to the backbone directly. It might have a connection to a Internet service provider, which in turn connects to another ISP. So there might be many hops between your host and backbone. The more hops you have, the slower your network is.

Redundancy: No matter how excellent the equipment is, technology might fail occasionally. One question to ask your host is: "Do you have multiple routers and switches, standby servers, multiple backbones and UPS systems to provide consistent access?".

Speed: Many smaller hosts use T1's to connect your site at a rate of 1.5Mbps. Your best bet is to find a provider that uses a T3 (45 Mbps) line connection, which is 28 times faster than the T1's.

Estimate the traffic of your site in advance

Traffic is also known as bandwidth or data transfer. It is the amount of data transmitted or received monthly. You should estimate the traffic of your site beforehand so that you can choose the hosting plan that best suits you. Here is an example showing how to estimate your traffic: let's say, you have a shareware to sell, the shareware size is 5MB, and the download count is about 1000 (you can estimate the number from the download count of other company's similar software). So your monthly traffic should be at least 5MB x 1000 = 5GB.

How much does it cost monthly?

You may be able to get excellent service for as little as $30-$100 per month from many small hosting sites. However, as your business grow, you will need more and more support. Many large companies pay their hosts as much as six figures per month.

E-mail autoresponders are quite useful

Autoresponders are very useful for e-business since you can automatically respond your customers' emails with a standard professional message, like "Thank you for ... We will be responding to your mail within 24 hours."

Other 18 useful features for E-Commerce

Check with your host to see if they provide the following useful features:


This Option sets up anonymous FTP to allow users to upload and download files to and from your site.

Protect Directories

Using this option, you can password-protect any directory you own. This will prevent users from viewing the contents of a directory unless they have permission. You can set any number of users using this feature. Note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function.

Redirect URL

Redirect URL allows you to set up a redirection so that user that type in one URL will automatically be sent to another URL. Note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function.


From this option, you can verify that the counter program is installed for your account. Also, you can find directions for setting up a counter on one of your pages. Finally, after the counter has been installed on your pages, you can set the value of the counter from here.

File Manager

The File Manager is a very great feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option.


Formmail allows you to use a form to receive email from your users.

Mail Manager

The Mail Manager is where you can manage all aspects of your email accounts. You can add, edit, and delete email accounts. You can also change the password on any of your email accounts.

Mailing List

This Options allows you to create and maintain your mailing lists.

Mime Types

MIME Types allows you to set certain programs to be used for specific extensions. For example, all files that end in .ram would be set to use Real Player on the user's PC.

MS Frontpage

The MS Frontpage option allows you to install Frontpage extensions - which are necessary in order to use Frontpage with your site.

MySQL Database

MySQL is a database engine that you can use with your web site. This feature will allow you to create a new MySQL database, and manage it. You will be able to add/edit/delete tables, fields, and values. You can also run queries on the database if you need to.


Using this feature, you can set up your own virtual Name Servers, which allows you to register your site using name servers with your own domain name.

Search Engine

This feature will allow you to install and manage Search Engine on your site. This Search Engine will allow your users to perform searches on your web site.

Shopping Cart

Setting up a shopping-cart system can be very complicated, so it's a good idea to find a host that has a shopping-cart system available for you.

Site Statistics

The Site Statistics feature gives you access to your site's web statistics, such as hits, transfers, etc.


This option will allow you to set up your PGP key on the server. This allows you to use PGP in your scripts or with PGPMail script. Normally you need to have PGP installed on your local PC, and create a PGP key pair before uploading the key to the server.


PGPMail is simply the Formmail script, except that it encrypts the email via PGP before it is sent to the client. Normally you have to upload your PGP key before you can use this script.


If you need telnet access, it can only be done using SSH. Normally your host have it set up to use RSA authentication. You will need to create a key using your PC's SSH software, then use this feature to upload the key to servers. Once it is uploaded, you will be able to connect to servers using SSH.

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