New features

- Keyword Builder:
Write one keyword or some keywords that related to your business. It will automatically generate most popular keywords and word phrases that people are searching on from search engines.

- Top Keywords:
This tool will help you find keywords with little or no competition. It does this by displaying what is known as the KEYWORD EFFECTIVENESS INDEX (KEI). This will show you the number of competing web pages using the keywords allowing you to pinpoint exactly which keywords will be most effective for your campaign.

- Spider Page Analyzer:
The Spider Page Analyzer is basically a search engine spider simulator it will check if your site can be spidered by search engines. It will give you an idea how search engine see your page, and give you additional comments and suggestions in case it found a problem related to the spidering of your site.

- HTML Validator:
This tool allows users check their HTML to ensure it is search engine friendly. This powerful tool will also eliminate website problems that cause visitors to leave your website. It increases your productivity and saves you time and money!

- User Engines:
This tool allows users to add their own engines into the database. Our easy to use wizard will walk you through the process of adding your own engines.

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